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My name is Phoebe Jordan and I’m an aspiring romance author and an independent reviewer of romance of all sub-genres, erotic romance and young adult novels at my review blog Talk About My Favorite Authors. While I will review e-books and print books alike I’m a one-woman show I’m unable to review every book submitted to me but I’ll try to get to each book.

If you’d like to have your book reviewed or be interviewed, please check out the Request a Review and Request a Interview page for more information. If you love to read romance novels and would like to become a reviewer for Phoebe Jordan’s Reviews please check out the Become a Reviewer page for more information. Also I’ve interviewed various romance and young adult authors on my review blog; if you want to read those interviews you can check them out by visiting each Interview year page to see the list of authors I interviewed for that year.

Fans of Romance of any sub-genre, Erotic romance and Young Adult Literature! Check out the goodies section that’s on my Goodies page. From time to time, authors donate items such as cover flats, bookmarks, autographed books, etc. Before sending an SASE, be sure to check and see if the vault of goodies is empty. Remember, you’ll only receive items that your postage and envelope size will cover.

****Please excuse us as we are doing some updates and some of the links to the various pages on the website are not available at the moment****

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