Reviewing books is a rewarding experience and for people who love to read, it can also be a money saver. Phoebe Jordan's Reviews strives to bring unbiased, professional book reviews to readers to help them make informed buying decisions. You need to be willing to read e-books and paper copies (though those are not usually submitted anymore). You must be able to read eBooks in PDF. The industry is changing and many publishers are going toward PDF copies for reviews. Reviewers input their reviews online as well as download eBooks via their account.

Phoebe Jordan's Reviews owns the reviews. You may post your review on other networks as long as PJR is given credit for the review and a link to PJR is provided. In the case of ARC reviews you can only post to other locations after the review has been released on PJR for two months. All PJR reviewers must agree to not distribute any eBook or ARC that is provided for review purposes.

It's against the law to distribute eBooks. If you distribute an eBook PJR is not responsible. You are responsible for your own actions and the publisher can come after you with legal action. By filling out the form below you agree not to distribute any eBook we provide you with. eBooks are provided for review purposes only. Reviewers in violation will have their PJR accounts closed immediately. If you are interested in reviewing for Phoebe Jordan's Reviews, read the following Important Information and send us an email with the Requested Information.

Important Information:

  1. Reviewers must complete at least two book reviews every five weeks to remain part of the reviewing team.
  2. Reviewers should possess excellent writing skills to summarize books and write an interesting, insightful opinion section.
  3. Reviewers must agree not to select books for review if they have a personal relationship with the author or publisher.
  4. This is not a paid position. Reviewers are compensated for the review by retaining the book.
  5. Reviewers select books from our website and can choose from many genres and book lengths.
  6. All reviews must be written in a professional manner and snarky reviews are not accepted.

Requested Information:

Please fill out form below with the following information: